frog at SXSW 2013

SXSW 2013The Other Singularity

frog has been kicking off SXSW Interactive by hosting the festival’s Opening Party for over a decade. Each year, frog Fellow Jared Ficklin assembles a team of designers and technologists to create “a large-scale, technology-driven social experiment”—treating partygoers to installations that challenge perceptions of technology and provoke fresh conversations about its context in our lives.

This year’s party, themed the Other Singularity, explored what happens when technology is embedded in new places and unexpected ways. Featuring a Crowd Sourced DJ with partner TouchTunes, Light as Ink, and a Robotic Zen Gardener, the event asked attendees to reexamine their digital lifestyles as technology inevitably shows up in even the most mundane places.

frog Sessions @ SXSW

Is This Progress? More Meaning in Our Digital Life

Paul Pugh
Vice President of Creative, Software Innovation

Survival Strategies for Brands in China

Emily Chong
AVP of Marketing, Asia

Designing Wearable Technology & the Augmented Self

Ahmed Riaz
Principal Designer

HTML5 Hacks

Jesse Cravens
Senior Software Engineer

The Wire

Michael McDaniel
Principle Designer

SXSW 2013Interactive Opening Party

frog SXSW 2013 Interactive Opening Party


SXSW 2012Play

frog partnered with Microsoft's Coding4Fun team to create the ultimate “Maker Arcade.” 4,000 party-goers sweated it out, playing a variety of interactive games including Electro Tennis (think Pong, except bigger), Connect Four (a revitalized retro classic with each person representing one game piece), Light Trikes (a physical recreation of the Tron light cycle death race), and the highly popular Boxing Robots (Kinetct enabled 6-foot Rock'em Sock'em metal bots go at it.)

frog Sessions @ SXSW

China: Creators and Consumers of the Future

Brandon Edwards
Creative Director

QR Codes, Technology and a New Era of Fine Art

Jeff Wilson

Prototype vs. Sim: Validating Software & UX Design

Gregg Wygonik
Principal Design Technologist

Prototype vs. Sim: Validating Software & UX Design

Robert Tuttle
Exec Tech Dir

China: Creators and Consumers of the Future

Kaj Vatsa
Sr Design Researcher

Mentor Session: Brett Close

Brett Close

Prototype vs. Sim: Validating Software & UX Design

Jared Ficklin
Sr Principal Design Technologist

The Science of Good Design: A Dangerous Idea

Ben McAllister
Assoc Creative Director

Why Mobile Apps Must Die

Scott Jenson
Creative Director

frog SXSW 2012 Interactive Opening Party

SXSW 2012Electro Tennis

SXSW 2012Rock 'em Sock 'em robots


SXSW 2011Human Tetris

Wall panic 3000 is a casual game inspired by Japanese game show Human Tetris, in which contestants contort their bodies to fit through human-shaped holes in approaching walls. The better you do, the more difficult it gets.

SXSW 2011Step Sequencer

Guests got their own groups together to create a symphony of noise on this crowd-sized instrument. The step sequencer allows you to step on a 2" high square to generate a music sample and a beat.


SXSW 2010How much is Too Much?

2010's theme, How much is too much?, explored the possibilities of augmented reality. From the 3D dance floor visualization and RIFD-enabled social tracking to the famous Augmented Reality Porta Potties (motion sensors and exterior augmented projections allow those outside to see your posture and how long you spend inside), frog's thirteenth party added unexpected layers of information to even the most minute party interactions.

frog Sessions @ SXSW

Designing for Awareness

Robert Fabricant